Strongman Warrick Brant

I once heard that “Warrick Brant” was Australian for Bear.  Or something like that.  One thing is for sure though: Warrick Brant is one gigantic monster of a man…

Amongst the many fine physical features that Mr. Brant is endowed with, it is his massive arms and biceps that lure me to his wickedly charming handsomeness.  Cases in point:

And he’s also just this big hunk of a teddy bear with a gorgeous, killer smile…

When I meant "killer," I didn't mean it literally!
Derek Poundstone and Warrick Brant

Finally, here are some “select” (well, okay, “shirtless”) videos from Warrick Brant’s YouTube Page:

You can learn more about this Aussie-tanding (somebody shoot me) Strongman by visiting his Official Site and Facebook

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  1. Hi dear, welcome back! Do you remember the commercial of a drink where a thin boy was burning a chubby man’s speedo? I think the drink was dr pepper…? anyhow, I can’t find that commercial anymore and I can’t find your post here anymore.. that was really gorgeous and horny! 🙂 BTW you can see me here: I am happy you are blogging again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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