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Super Shirtless Saturday: Unknown Pro-Wrestler Pharaoh

One of my favorite pro-wrestling photo blogs is Wrestling Great.  There’s not a lot of big guys (at least with my definition of “big” is); but for the ones who do show up are simply “great” to behold.  One of my finds is a pro-wrestler who dons a pharaoh costume.  Unfortunately, I have no clue as to who he is and I’m begging any wrestling expert out there to provide us with the 411. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Brad Dumm: Part-Time Nerd, Part-Time Action Hero, Full-Time Stud

This is the gorgeous Brad Dumm dressed up as Drew Carey for Halloween then geared up as the unrelenting vigilante, The Punisher.  HOT!

Not only will he file your tax return, he’ll also beat the crap out of your auditors!  How sweet is that?

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