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[BearBeat] Bulldog Raines: One Big Stocky Pro-Wrestler Endures Flurry Of Gut Punches

I haven’t talked much about my other fetish, which is about big bearish guys getting beat up; so I figure I start on it again with Bulldog Raines.  Bulldog Raines (real name: Scott Raines) was a wrestler I only discovered from this video compilation I purchased a few years ago from Vangar Videos.  Anyway, that then led me to purchasing a handful of Power Pro Wrestling‘s videos from various sellers.  The big bonus was not only did those videos had Bulldog Raines, but they also had my perennial favorite, Matt Bloom, aka Baldo, Prince Albert, A-Train, and currently, Giant Bernard…

But I’m getting too excited here (I’ll post more about that ginormous handsome bear some other time).  I’m talking about my strange fetish here.  Specifically, gut punches.  Right around the 9:31 mark, Mr. Raines gets kicked 4 times on the gut and chest.  Then right at 9:42, his opponent, Dirty White Boy, unleashes a flurry of gut punches, 7 total, as Mr. Raines gets trapped in the ring corner (albeit temporarily).

Ahh…  I can’ts helps it.  I just love such “fantasy reenactments,” if you will.  It’s just very “erotic” for my tastes.  In the future, I’ll be posting more video clips (sadly, I tend to extract short video clips rather than full matches — you know, just the “choice” BearBeat clips).  Also, for some reason, I have a desire to critique them.  Yes.  As in rating the quality of the beatdown.  Lols.

As for Bulldog Raines’ gut punches in that particular section of that video, I’ll give it:

5 out of 5 Pawnches*

* With my limited bearspeak, I don’t have much puns to work with. 😉

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