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Michael A. Bachmann: The Pizza Whisperer

Michael A Bachmann 333667-52

I was walking by a store yesterday and a cute chubby bear caught my eye on a silent television screen.  I knew I had a few seconds left to keep a mental note as to what commercial it was.  It had something to do with this gorgeous man talking to a pizza with massive meatballs on it.  Immediately googled Round Table Pizza at home (I know, I need an iPhone) — and voila — I got all the videos I needed on this chub with the nickname, “The Pizza Whisperer.”  Click on the photo below to check out the videos in the Round Table Pizza Site.

Pizza Whisperer

Learn more about Michael A. Bachmann’s in his blog.  It’s a great read and has a couple of funny videos and there’s one called “Neighborhood Watch” that was so unbelievably wrong, it’s hilarious…

Michael A Bachmann Blog Photo

Anyway, here are more photos of the handsome Mr. Bachmann.  They’re from his LACasting.com’s resume/headshots page.

Michael A Bachmann 333667-0

Michael A Bachmann 333667-55

Michael A Bachmann 333667-54