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Drew Powell: Mr. “Stinky” Auto Coverage

Drew Powell insurance 08

Is Drew Powell cornering the market of “the sweaty and smelly husky guy”?  Check out his Jack-In-The-Box fruit smoothies commercial for proof.

Drew Powell as Mr. “Stinky” Auto Coverage

Anyway, I’m guessing that the rest of the population is supposed to cringe at the “fat slob” as the camera focuses on his sweaty armpits and belly fold (lol, thanks DG!).  I’m also guessing that it should induce a nasty nasal reaction from such images.  I say “guessing” because all I could see is an amazingly beautiful and huggable husky body that’s drenched in sweat and emanating a delicious musky scent.

Drew Powell insurance 02

Drew Powell insurance 09

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Drew Powell insurance 07

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BeefyRedBear: HOT x Nth Degree

Big “Thank You” to Jim Lyons for sharing this on BofB Yahoo Group.

BeefyRedBear is such a handsome bear of a man, it’s not even funny.  I love how unassuming and polite he is while he strips for everyone and works out.  And those dimples of his are to die for.

Not that I want to encourage you to fast-forward the video, but right at the 4:40 mark, he just unconsciously rubs his left hand on his sexy right chest.  What else is there to say, but, “WOOF!”

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James Corden: Shirtless, Sweaty, Sexy

I’ve never heard of James Corden before and I have to thank Chubarama for introducing this amazingly sexy and handsome man to me (make sure to browse through their James Corden archives — archives that are guaranteed to blow you away, specifically his scorchingly beautiful french kiss with “Harry Potter”).  Anyway, Chubarama just recently posted a YouTube video of this chubby stud working out in a recent episode of Gavin And Stacey (a BBC Three series).

Here are some animated gifs from that fantastic scene where we see Mr. Corden in all his sexy shirtless sweaty chubby glory…



Donovan Scott: Let Me Hear Your Body Woof


I remember being so instantly smitten by all the chubby guys in the 80’s classic music video, “Physical,” by Olivia Newton-John.  More specifically, I was extremely attracted to the chubby bear with the oh-so-skimpy green tanktop.  (As a sidenote, I also remember getting furious at what happened to all of those beautiful chubbies by the end of the music video.)  Anyway, I would later realize that this was the same cute chubby rookie cop in Police Academy.  Ah, Mr. Donovan Scott, how extremely cute and adorable you are…

Better quality of this tastefully trashy music video here.

Donovan Scott seems to enjoy being ridden on like a whale…
Hmm.. that reminds me of a website that was a major part of my
education on the world of chubbies during the golden age of dial-up…
the ever-classic thewhalerider.com.

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