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Thank Grizzly It’s Friday

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.

Hope everyone is having a great start on this ripe new year of 2009!

thankgrizzlyitsfriday-2009-01-02Who is this very genial looking chubby bear?

The Bears In Games Podcast is an amazing new blog that’s been a long time coming.  If you love bearish men and video games, this place is specifically made just for you.

The Ghost of Christmas Present had paid us a visit with all of his woofy chest fur.

Shirtless Saturday: Ron Tarr is one chubby daddy bear of your dreams.

It’s a battle of two woofy drummers on Two Woofy Tuesday: Dave Buckner versus Ringo Garza.

Greg Grunberg was your pick for Woofy Winner Wednesday.

Happy New Year’s Day from BearMythology, Cledus T. Judd, and 6 of your Woofy Winner Wednesday bears.

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As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

The woofy bearish prisoner is Chris Bauer from Face/Off.  I remember watching it in the theaters back in ’97 while trying to take a “memory screenshot” of all the names that showed up during the end credits.  Since he was Russian, I kept an eye out on any Russian-sounding name.  And, bingo!  Ivan Dubov.  And for your viewing pleasure, here is Mr. Bauer as Mr. Ivan Dubov.  I will definitely “Du” Ivan.  Bov times!  😛