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Mark Bell: Cute Chubby Bear Of FilmThreat.com

Film Threat was my very first introduction to magazines that catered to independent filmmaking.  I had dreams of becoming a filmmaker who would one day retire with 28 films under my resumé — of course, all Bear-related in some way or other, dammit!  Ah, well, I guess things did not work out as planned.  Lol…  Anyway, Film Threat is now strictly a webzine and its current Editor-In-Chief is the amazingly cute Mark Bell.


Anyway, in the recent SXSW Film Festival, he had posted this in his blog:

Later on in the evening, after Don was out of his screening, the three of us re-convened (with Nathan Zellner) at a Next New Network Party where the main draw was, for me at least, the opportunity to play Rock Band on a stage. Drinks were free, and I signed up to get some Rock Band’ing going. Technical difficulties ensued, however, and I never got to play. I did try to help solve said difficulties, even going on stage to calibrate the game. The highlight though: a challenge / proposition was thrown out to allow anyone who wanted to promote their website or business to do so on stage, if they took their top off. The idea was obviously aimed at women, as the first person to accept disrobed to be in only her bra and pants, but I wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip by. When they asked for a final volunteer, I stepped up, took my shirt off (throwing the white balance off on cameras everywhere) and proceeded to pimp Film Threat and independent film. I apologize for anyone who saw that, but as anyone knows, I do not miss any opportunity to promote Film Threat. For fuck’s sake, I’m a walking billboard for the company, rarely seen without the logo on my person somewhere. I’d get it tattoo’ed if I didn’t think that was an unlucky idea (you know, like adding your girlfriend’s name or something).

[Source: Film Threat Blog]

First of all, Mr. Editor Bell, it’s “tattooed” and not “tattoo’ed.”  Hrmph.  Yeah, I’m just jealous since I wish I was doing his job.  Lol.  Anyway, why am I dwelling on that minor thing?  I meen OMG Mark Bell toke hiz sheert off!