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I Am Not In A Bad Mood At All

After cooling off from that “Dear Homophobia, From Intolerance” email I got yesterday, I’ve decided to post something more positive.  You know, yin to the yang, Apollo to the Dionysus, and all that sweet thesis and antithesis stuff…

Here’s an independent pro-wrestler who goes by the name of Communist Cothern.  If you did not know anything about him and judged his appearance and venues he would wrestle in, you’d probably make an assumption that he’s a homophobic redneck.  Check out this video then check out the one comment he made about “gays.”

“What’s wrong with being gay?”

Call me simple, but I love the big, woofy guy already for asking that question to such immature and homophobic YouTube posters.  Not only that, he gets insulted about his weight as well.  But, he’s truly a champ for keeping civil with his comments.  Short and sweet and to the point.

And, yes, he is indeed very, very cute…

And, for the record, just because the following photos are “pretty gay looking” (I mean, there’s a Sunkist soft drink in the background: GAY!), Mr. Cothern is a straight man.  Check out his MySpace page and YouTube page.

Communist Cothern is also involved in a tag team called “Gentlemen Thugs.”  His partner is Shane Morbid, who is also very cute (love the beer belly).  I’ll be posting more about him later, but, in the meantime, here are some great photos of him.

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