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Shirtless Saturday: Tobias Ide

Tobias Ide

tobiasHere’s a wonderful Shirtless Saturday treat…

It’s literally hot off the presses.  AP from Real Thick Yahoo Group just shared an awesome video clip of German Strongman Tobias Ide.

He was also kind enough to post a series of screenshots from that short — but (as AP would say) HAWT — video.

And if you guys were members of that Yahoo group, you would have received the direct link to download that video.

You’re not a member, you say?

Ah, well, them’s the perks.  -_^

Tobias Ide screenshots

But before I continue, I want you guys to know who AP is.  He is the awesome illustrator/artist/connoisseur of big brutes, bears, and bulls.  I’ve seen his work from back in the day and watched it blossom as he creates spectacular mythic imagery of such big men.  Definitely check out his website as it’s integral Bear Education 101:


And back to the beefy and bulky Tobias Ide.  Ah, of course, I googled him like mad and found the following shirtless photos (most of them are from his Official Site).  This massive bull would literally pass for a beefier triplet for the Shane Twins.

Tobias Ide shirtless 01

Tobias Ide shirtless 02

Tobias Ide shirtless 03

Tobias Ide shirtless 04

Tobias Ide shirtless 05

Tobias Ide shirtless 06

Dieter Seidenkranz: German Strongman

German strongman, Dieter Seidenkranz, definitely caught my eye when I first saw the photo you see above.  That smile just caught me blissfully unaware…

Check out this YouTube interview of his.  I have no clue what’s being said, but, man, oh, man, I can just watch the man talk for hours on end…

(higher quality version)

Unfortunately, that site doesn’t exist any longer.  Fortunately, I was able to archive the fantastic photos that were in that website.  (It was actually a strongman site for both Dieter Seidenkranz and Andi Hoffman.)

Need I say that this is my favorite Dieter Seidenkranz photo?  Yes!

Just look at those arms…

This is either from a TV show or film.  Does anybody know?

I love the following photos as they focus on his fantastic muscular pecs.

Here are some commercials that he was in:

Not sure if it’s a commercial or a photo shoot. Either way, he’s very “woofy”…

EDIT: In the comments section, it’s been mentioned that Mr. Seidenkranz had passed away due to suicide. His cause of death is embolism. You will be very missed, sir.