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From One Husky Brett Romberg To Four Other Beefy Football Players

Thanks to Tommy and xibearix, not only did I find out the name of that unknown husky college football player (Brett Romberg), their research has led me to four other woofy football players.  Out of the four, I have already posted about Kasey Studdard

I tend to find connections in everything; I then tend to create meaning from such connections (yes, I subscribe to the school of Roland Barthes).  It’s a “hobby” of mine that I tend to do a lot.  Here’s a sampling of what happened in my bear-filled brain when I did my own research about these 5 football players…

I posted about Brett Romberg, but I did not know him; however, xibearix did and he led me to a full-blown photo that I once ripped apart from a dentist’s office.

From the SI Vault

Tommy then researched about my mistaken Texas Longhorns theory (about Brett Romberg’s university) which led him to another Brett: Brett Valdez.  Both are just spectacularly beefy.  Brett Romberg is now with the St. Louis Rams while Brett Valdez works for a company called RAM Financial Group.

Ram is a type of animal that gets hunted.  Brett Valdez has a passion for hunting and fishing and is the Director of Community Development for TexasHuntFish.com

Brett Valdez graduated from the University of Texas, along with two other woofy football players: Kasey Studdard and Justin Blalock.  Kasey and Justin were 2 of the 7 Texas Longhorns selected by pro-football teams from the 2007 NFL Draft.

Brett Valdez and Justin Blalock would hunt together.

(higher quality version)

While Kasey Studdard was inadvertently hunted by an amateur paparazzi with a drunken Vince Young:

Being involved in a highly-publicized sport, such as pro-football, these athletes will be scrutinized by the media and public.  Brett Romberg, for example, has been compared to the late Chris Farley (and in a non-flattering way).  Luckily for me, that message board compared another beefy bear, Orlando Pace (also with the Saint Louis Rams) to a babyface rapper/singer.  I then researched more about Orlando Pace which led me to this set of awesome photos, specifically the first one… (I wonder why?)  ^_^

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Kasey Studdard: That Beefy Dude In The Vince Young Party Photos

A few months ago, a couple of photos were posted in BlogXilla.com of a drunk and shirtless Vince Young.  I could talk about the author’s unintentionally homophobic lighthearted remarks (“Is that how the Ballers do it? It looks like a Sausage party to me b/c I don’t see nearly enough women around to warrant taking off anyone’s shirt!!! It’s just not right!!!”) or I could talk about how Vince Young is pretty buffed or I could talk about how Vince Young has every right to party…  However, the only important thing is this:

What every party needs is a shirtless big bearish dude, just like Kasey Studdard, offensive lineman of the Houston Texans.

Anyway, after a long night of partying, one definitely needs to hydrate as much as possible…

I actually feel very refreshed myself.  Gotta love the photographer for those awesome photos…

Here are more of the woofy Kasey Studdard:

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