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Goonday Moonday: Online & Movie Goonish Bears

On today’s Goonday Moonday, we have another smorgasbord of goonish fellas from the internet and upcoming films…


The photo above is from a site called Hot Chicks with Douchebags.  I am just not gonna make a comment about that site…  😛



And on a much better note, the above two photos are of the husband of this lady blogger.  I sometimes randomly read other blogs even though they are completely not in tune with my interests.  Thankfully, this blog had those two photos and they’re just way too cute and must be shared…



The above two screenshots are from the trailer for Super Capers.  I was not quite sure as to what to expect from the trailer, but when this shorter John Goodman lookalike appeared in his tanktop, I was like, “Yes, please!”






Watching the trailer for I Love You, Man, it made me realize just how these “bromance”-themed flicks are being embraced by the public.  America definitely needs this as it’s a step forward for accepting male bonding without it sounding like a gay punchline.  So, in turn, it’s also a step forward to make people aware that being “gay” is not an “evil” thing.  Or, maybe, I’m just reading too much in to this…