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John Regala: Filipino Bear

I was born in the Philippines, and because of it, I’ve seen a lot of our movies (most of them were pretty bad; though we’re slowly improving).  It’s my native homeland’s passion and obsession.  We also love television and especially gossip news.  Sometimes, I feel that the Philippines is an island of nosy islanders.  Just sometimes.

Our list of thespians doesn’t have a lot of bearish and chubby men.  My all-time favorite is John Regala.  I love him as he’s normally typecasted as a deranged villain.  He is actually a babyface, however, he has perfected the craft of acting maniacal.  Here’s a sample of his acting talents…

This is a disturbing scene, so please don’t watch it if you’re easily offended.  Unfortunately, it’s the only video I could find of John Regala.

And this is just some background history if you decide to watch this: Back in the early ’90s, a new genre was literally created: “Massacre Movies.”  These are typically based on real-life massacres (normally about families — oftentimes, wealthy ones — who were brutally murdered in their homes).  This is somewhat like the glut of “Torture Porn” movies that’s popular in America right now (though its popularity appears to be waning).

Even more disturbing is that this scene literally stole the music
from Hitchcock’s famous bathroom shower scene in “Psycho.”

And here’s the bad boy, Mr. John Regala, taking a bath, smoking, and getting his stogie smoked by a lucky girl from a film called “Notoryus.”

Remember when I said that Filipinos love gossips?  Well, you see that tattoo on his right chest?  That’s an actress named Beth Tamayo.  He was completely in love with her that he had that tattoo imprinted on himself even though they weren’t even dating.  Unfortunately, they never did get together and I’m not sure whether he still has that tattoo or not…


Awesome.  I just got informed that he has a music video on YouTube.  It’s a Chrisian song titled, “Ama Salamat Po” (“Father, Thank You”).  A big Salamat to my fellow Flip, Justin!  ^_^

Well, I must say that after seeing him being such an evil bad guy most of the time, watching and listening to this is completely a shock to the system.  In a way, I wish that I did not see this at all!  I’m retracting my “salamat” to you, Justin!  Lol.