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Joshua Sankey: Sankey So Funny


I’ve never heard of Joshua Sankey before, but apparently, I knew what he looked like.  You see, in one of the places that I work for, I would always pass by then stare at this ad for Zumanity…


I finally decided to google that ultra-cute chubby bear in the bathtub (how’d I’d kill to be that rubber ducky!) and discovered that he was Joshua Sankey.  And as an added note, I’d rather have that “Reality” over anything else!

Apparently, I had also seen him in another form of printed media…


Yowzers.  What a hottie!  And, what do you know.  Mr. Sankey has appeared in a lot of ads and tv shows.  He’s one of those guys  that you always see on TV but you can’t seem to know who he is.  So, let me rectify that and direct you and me to his Official Site so that we get to know more about this gorgeous hunk of chubby goodness.  Definitely check out his YouTube Page as well for many of his videos.  He is also in MySpace and Facebook.

Here’s a cool commercial of Joshua Sankey from PowerPoker.com…