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Tamerlan Tmenov Versus Paolo Bianchessi: Russian & Italian Judokas

More Judo Bears from the 2008 Beijing Olympics: the Russian Tamerlan Tmenov against the Italian Paolo Bianchessi

I only posted this photo because we get to see another glimpse
of Mr. Bianchessi’s cool tattoo…

(higher quality version)

Aw, man…  Gotta love two baldies rubbing their smooth, sweaty heads on each other…

Grim Vuijsters & Dennis Van Der Geest: Judo Bears From The Netherlands

I seemed to have missed a couple of more Judo Bears from the Beijing Olympics.  Here are two handsome Dutch judokas.

The first one is the babyface Grim Vuijsters:

(higher quality version)

Just when Grim’s judogi gets fully untucked, he gives us a frontal peek
then turns sideways and closes it.  How cruel!

The other is the handsomely husky Dennis van der Geest.

(higher quality version)

Judo Bears Of The 2008 Olympics

European Championship 2007 Belgrade: Teddy Riner vs. Lasha Gujejiani
(higher quality version)

Judo is a sport that has a very high probability of getting your Judogi getting ripped open by your opponent.  Case in point: here is Georgia’s Lasha Gujejiani getting his Judo uniform untucked, pulled on, and opened by France’s Teddy Riner in the Beijing Olympics’ Men’s Judo +100kg Heavyweight Division Final.

This seems to be a perfect sport for someone like me…  😀

Here is Iran’s Mohammad Reza Rodaki…

Here is Cuba’s Oscar Brayson…