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Flemming Rasmussen: May I Please Have Coffee And That Woofy Danish?


Flemming Rasmussen was one of my earliest crushes when I first discovered the World’s Strongest Man Competitions.  Heinz Ollesch, Gerrit Badenhorst, Jamie Reeves, Lars Hedlund, Bruce Wilhelm, Henning Thorsen, and of course, Bill Kazmaier were also part of my Strongmen fantasies.  I love Flemming’s physique as he’s more of a musclechub than a musclebear.  Not that musclechubs are better than musclebears or anything.  Well, er, how about a test?

Who is the sexiest of the two?  Heinz or Flemming?

And, no, the purposefully selected photo of a speedo-wearing Flemming
is not supposed to sway your vote. 

Lars Hedlund: Classic Swedish Bear And World’s Strongest Man Behemoth


When I posted this collage to the old Bearmythology Yahoo Group, I talked about how it resembled something a 12 year old girl would have made if it was Justin Timberlake, for example.  This same girl would have stickers of JT on her diary and she would have scrapbooks of him taken from various teeny-bop magazines…

Now what if we had such teeny-bear magazines when we were younger?  Imagine being 12 and you walk inside a local bookstore and find a magazine section dedicated to gay tweens and teens.  Imagine finding both straight and gay bears and chubbies being the main subjects of said magazines.  Imagine it was 1980 and on the front cover was World’s Strongest Man competitor, Lars Hedlund.  You don’t have enough money so you flip through the pages and thoroughly enjoy reading through this beautiful big bear of a man.  And as you read through it, people pass you by, oblivious to what you’re doing, because they’re simply not judging you…

It’s nice to imagine, isn’t it?  Will that day ever happen?  I hope so.