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Drew Powell: A Scientific Discussion Of His Mammary Papilla

I finally found the photos of Drew Powell that were shared in the old BearMythology Yahoo Group…  At the time, none of us knew who this cute bear was.  Someone had taken screenshots from the TV series, “Malcolm In The Middle” — specifically, because he found this man attractive.  Anyway, this was during a dark time of analog TV, VHS tapes, and 512kb high speed internet.  For the next few years, I’ve searched in vain for his name.  Eventually, I had given up.  And, lo and behold, a Jack In The Box commercial popped up, I posted it, and someone finally revealed to us his real name.  Wow.  I’m crying here.

Anyway, back to the original subject of utmost importance.  Remember when I said that it was a “dark time”?  I’m not kidding.  Just look at those fuzzy screenshots.  Anyway, well, with this fuzzy screenshot, we were all debating about whether the not-yet-named Drew Powell’s left nipple was protruding from his shirt.  I heartily voted, “Nay!”  And I’m sure a few others agreed with me.

How wrong was I!  After meticulous studies and observation, someone with an access to MS Paint (Windows ME edition) had graphically drawn out where this cute bear’s nipple was actually protruding!  Needless to say, I became a believer…

Dammit.  It was there all along!

Fast forward to today, and we’re finally blessed with clear images, such as the following:

Yes, your honor.  There is definitely no disputing anymore.  Case is closed.

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