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Raul Malo: Heavenly Voice Of A Crooning Bear

Raul Malo has a voice that will make any straight man gay.  Mr. Malo used to be in a country group, The Mavericks, and since then he has evolved into mixing various genres of music.  My favorite album of theirs was called Trampoline, which had caught many of his fans off-guard due to its unconventional and eclectic mixture of latin, pop, gospel — you name it, it was there.  It was also The Mavericks’ final album as Raul went solo as he continued to explore blending musical genres.  Other than that, he possesses a voice that can make a gay man straight.


Here are a couple of YouTube videos of the multi-talented Raul Malo…

“I Said I Love You”
The only video I know of that was released from his very first solo album, “Today.”

Man, listening to this man’s voice is just beautiful and haunting.

Moon River
Wow!  This is the very first time I’ve seen him with a shaven head.  Me like it!