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Radu “Valahu” Georgescu: Massive Romanian Arm Wrestler

Rick Zumwalt’s character “Bull Hurley” has been a major factor and influence in my realization that I was attracted towards big and burly men.  His larger-than-life portrayal of a very intimidating and powerful arm wrestler is forever embedded in my memory: the red tanktop, the bald head, the thick & sweaty biceps, the perfect goatee, and his aggressively cocky demeanor were the physical features and personality traits that fueled my imagination and “sexual awakening,” if you will.

Well, today, I’d like to introduce to you Mr. Radu “Valahu” Georgescu or as I’d like to think of him as The Romanian Bull Hurley Version 2.0.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Rick Zumwalt may not be physically in this world anymore, but there will be people (from past, present, and future) who will always possess such amazingly similar traits.  Radu may not be bald nor possess a goatee, but what a trade-off with that spectacular beard!  Jury’s still out with the bandanas though…

Those screenshots from the collage were taken from this YouTube video:

And speaking of my coincidental Bull Hurley comparison, here is Hurley wearing a yellow tanktop and Radu wearing a yellow shirt!  OMG like that is so true!

The truth behind who had truly framed Roger Rabbit...

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BeefyRedBear: HOT x Nth Degree

Big “Thank You” to Jim Lyons for sharing this on BofB Yahoo Group.

BeefyRedBear is such a handsome bear of a man, it’s not even funny.  I love how unassuming and polite he is while he strips for everyone and works out.  And those dimples of his are to die for.

Not that I want to encourage you to fast-forward the video, but right at the 4:40 mark, he just unconsciously rubs his left hand on his sexy right chest.  What else is there to say, but, “WOOF!”

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Boo-Yaa Tribe: Monster Samoan Warriors

Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. was huge when I was in high school back in Hawai’i. These 6 Samoan behemoth brothers injected a dose of funk in their rap music that I enjoyed listening to.  To this day, New Funky Nation is my favorite album from theirs (I still have the cassette tape!).

In the special edition CD of West Koasta Nostra, it came with a bonus DVD that had the following music video titled “Bang On.”  It’s a big bear/musclebear’s wet dream come true as it’s basically a music video where most of these woofy Samoans are shirtless and just working out.  And, as a bonus, we also get to see the uber-woofy Mack 10!

And here’s a funny video of a couple of crazy Polynesian men imitating that video.  I give them a “LOLz” for lifting weights with seashells and pumping iron with wirecutters.