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OseHim: or Él Es Mismo Woofy

I was vacationing in beautiful Spain a few years ago when I passed by a Music store.  While browsing around, I noticed this CD:


I did not buy it as I, well, don’t speak Spanish.  Still, I remember regretting not doing so as I was desperate to find a photo of that CD cover.  With my bad memory, I could not quite remember what was written on the CD.  All I could remember was the word “Panzers.”  So, after some detective work on Google, I eventually discovered this music group.  And to my pleasant surprise, their home page had a music video that was downloadable (this was before YouTube got big).  Here is that video:

I can listen to this bear rap for hours on end.  Por supuesto!
Ah, see, I know Spanish already!

For you impatient lot, go straight to 2:16 and you will be briefly blessed with the following awe-inspiring bear belly striptease…


Panzers also has a MySpace Page. It appears that they have a new album out (“Mo”) and their promo photos are very minimalist and well done. I just have to post one of them: