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Joe Blanton: Phillies’ Game 4 Winner

The last time I posted about Joe Blanton this season, he was with the Oakland A’s.  Yesterday, he pitched in the World Series for the Philadelphia Phillies against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The result?  A Phillies win of 10-2 with Mr. Blanton hitting a solo home run in the fifth.  The Phillies now have a 3-1 lead.  Will they end the disappointing march of the Rays?  Or will the Rays persevere and tie the series?  We’ll find out on Tuesday…

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In the history of baseball, Joe Blanton is the 15th pitcher to ever hit a home run in a World Series.  Ken Holtzman (who was with the Oakland A’s) was the previous pitcher which dates all the way back to 1974!  Way to go, Joe!

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