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Boris Haraldsson: A “Ber” Removes His Shirt (Redux)

I’ve decided not to respond to Boris’ girlfriend.  And I want to thank all of you crazy guys and gals for showing me your support.  A few of you had shown interest in the video, and it’s really not that spectacular: I mean, it’s just one guy assisting another guy remove his shirt.  Nothing threatening or sexually explicit about it.  However, it appeared to have been an emotional bane for one strongman.  To be fair though, Boris never did contact me nor put his two cents in.  The thing is, I did not want to risk getting my YouTube account suspended (as I’ve seen similar things happen to other channels — LFBears, for one).  I just did not want to chance Boris’ girlfriend complaining to YouTube about such a harmless, and not to mention, public, video clip.  I’d rather sacrifice one video than losing them all.

But thanks to puppyjoe, he had uploaded that video in his DailyMotion page.  Thank you for being more courageous than I am, puppyjoe!  BIG HUGS!