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BearMythology Version 5.0

Here I go again.

Last time I posted was on April of 2018. It’s getting close to April 2021, so it’s been three years since I was here. During that time, I would randomly post on tumblr. Continue reading BearMythology Version 5.0

Happy Father’s Day!

Look long and hard enough, you’ll find My Number One Bear wearing nothing but his full Father’s Day suit…  -_^

Matthew LeCroy: A Bear In Oakland


Baseball season is about to arrive and I am very excited for it.  Surprisingly, it’s because I actually love the sport… although… (lol, you could see that one coming).  Baseball has many woofy bears and Matthew LeCroy is one such fine specimen of an ursine wonder.  He has a cute cherubic face with a killer smile that can just melt and break hearts.  Most people also tend to compare him to another woofy bear, Richard Karn.

This upcoming season, Mr. LeCroy will be a non-roster invitee for the Oakland A’s.  In the meantime, check out some of his video highlights of his homeruns and hits.

Richard Karn: An Enduring Bear Icon

In one of my first blog entries, I had posted a screenshot of Richard Karn revealing his armpit.  I still remember being floored by that moment as I had spent years watching “Home Improvement” and waiting for some bonus Richard Karn shirtless goodness.  Yet, somehow, I managed to miss an episode or two where he briefly did show his bearish body.  Oh well.

Anyway, a buddy just IM’ed me and asked about the collage I did from that pretty bad movie where Mr. Karn showed the goods.  Well, here it is:

“Bram Stoker’s The Mummy”
aka “Direct To Video and DOA”

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[BearPit] Richard Karn

This is quite possibly my most potent fetish that would literally drive me nuts: Armpits of bearish men. To me, this body region — especially on the marvelous physiques of bearish men — represents man at his most vulnerable state. With his arms outstretched, he is not just literally helpless but also in full acceptance of being an object of desire. That, my friends, is basically a fancy way of saying that I have a propensity towards bondage and S&M. I’m mostly fascinated and aroused with its role-playing aspects rather than the actual physical pain it promotes (which explains my obsession with pro-wrestling). But those are subjects for another time.

The following is a screenshot of Richard Karn with his manly goodness exposed from a horrible movie called Bram Stoker’s The Mummy.

Richard Karn

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Ray Winstone: aka My Number One Bear

Ah, Mr. Ray Winstone. He’s quite possibly my number one bear. It used to be James Gandolfini. Richard Karn before him. Then John Goodman. <sighs>

Anyway, I often wonder why I was so attracted to him. He’s not the typical bear I tend to get attracted to. What is it about him? His sexy voice? His oh-just-so-perfect gut? His penetrating eyes? His overwhelmingly husky and masculine face? His seeming cocky demeanor? (I love that in a bear!) Come to think of it, I guess I have illuminated my own ruminations.

The following is a collage from quite possibly the best movie evar!!11!!1! Sorry. It’s from a wonderful movie called Sexy Beast. Mr. Winstone’s actual physique should have been motion-captured in Beowulf (I’d take a well-rounded belly over a 6 pack abs) — or at least when Beowulf got older in the film.

Ray Winstone (aka My Number One Bear)

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