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Shirtless Jack Black In His Undies, Tied Up, And Looking Woofy

Jack Black Tropic Thunder 04

I have a number of reasons why I love Tropic ThunderJack Black in his underwear is one of the major reasons why.  Second reason?  He’s tied up on two scenes while just being really, really dirty.

Please check out the bearmythology Flickr Photostream for more screenshots.

Jack Black Tropic Thunder 07
Has it been two weeks? Two months? Two years? These criminals have unceasingly feasted on me in this deserted wasteland. Was it my fault that they were banished by the High Council? And, now, here I am, a slave to their heathenous desires. My body may be weakened but my spirit they will not shatter...
Jack Black Tropic Thunder 22
My body has been debased by their debauchery. Bound and gagged I've been while they relish in my shameful helplessness. I am drenched with sweat and earth while they pleasure themselves with my naked being. Vengeance shall be mine.
Jack Black Tropic Thunder 27
For crying out loud! Enough with the cosplay already. We get it, you're a victimized character from Thundarr The Barbarian! So STFU and eat some chili.

Jack Black Tropic Thunder 36

Jack Black Tropic Thunder 38

Jack Black Tropic Thunder 50

Jack Black Tropic Thunder 66

Jack Black Tropic Thunder 68

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[BearBeat] Jeff Rudom: “District B13”

Jeff Rudom plays a random fighter who was simply referred to as “Yeti” (and you only find this out in the end credits) which is really a movie equivalent of a “generic boss” of any Action/Fighting video game.  Still, I have no complaints about his role here.  I mean, let’s take a look at his scene…

Big, Large, Bearish, Chubby … CHECK
Bearded … CHECK
Bald … CHECK
Tattooed … CHECK
Shirtless … CHECK
Strong Brute … CHECK

Then it gets better…

Dumb Brawler … CHECK
Easily Roped & Hogtied … CHECK
Bondage … CHECK

Big, Large, Bearish, Chubby, Bearded, Bald, Tattooed, Shirtless, Strong Brute all tied up and grunting angrily from sheer helplessness from two smaller men overpowering his massive build…  Ah.  Well, what else can I say, except…

BearBeat Score:
5 out of 5 Pawnches

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