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Shirtless Saturday: Larry Csonka

People Weekly Magazine Larry Csonka

Here’s a vintage image of Larry Csonka (official site) from the July 22, 1974 edition of People Magazine when he played as a fullback with the Miami Dolphins.  Make sure to download the whole magazine issue in PDF format (here’s the direct link)!  It’s pretty nice of People for allowing us to download all of their archived issues.   (And if anybody knows of any cool archived issues of People Magazine where we could find such beautiful bears, please let us know!)  I have yet to go through them as I’m sure there are awesome articles and ads of our brawny and large brethren…

Larry Csonka People Magazine

Larry Csonka People Magazine 2

Larry Csonka People Magazine 4

Larry Csonka

Finally, let’s check out Mr. Csonka adorably speak butchered Spanish as he promotes Miller Lite Bear…

Craig “Ironhead” Heyward: One Of NFL’s “Big Man” Running Backs

He is not with us today, but Craig “Ironhead” Heyward was one of NFL’s fastest running back, in relation to his massive size and weight.  He was often referred to as an “overweight Fred Astaire.”  Not only was he an intimidating presence from one moment, but he would also be one of the most entertaining and likable personalities the next.

In the mid-’90s, he was involved in a series of Zest Body Wash commercials which had become embedded in the psyche of America’s pop-culture.  It’s not well-documented, but he was the first person to introduce and encourage men from using liquid soap and the accompanying mesh body sponge.  He had probably also created the metrosexual man, when I think about it…  -_^

From dajabec’s Flickr Page

Here’s the Ironhead with classic lines like: “But, Iron Head, what’s with this thingie?”

(higher quality version)