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Manga Mithapuriya: Beefy Indian Kabaddi Wrestling Musclebear (Yeah, What A Mouthful)

Thanks to musclebear guru, Garrix, he had corrected me on some of the images I had put on the Pakistan Wrestlers post.  Apparently, some of the wrestlers there were not involved in Pehalwan, but rather, Kabaddi.  Thank you for the info, Garrix!

Anyway, because of this educational info, I have now uncovered the identity (and not to mention more photos) of that sizzling musclebear in that one puny photo on the “Pakistan Wrestlers” post.  As a reminder:

Thanks to the glory and wonder of the internet, and especially Garrix and Kabaddi.org, we finally have his name and most awesome photos: Manga Mithapuriya.

But, wait!  Check out this music video by Banny A called “Salama.”  Why am I interrupting this exciting post with what seems like a random Indian music video?  Ah.  Glad you asked.  You see, dear friends, Mr. Manga Mithapuriya appears — rather, mugs — in it as a musclebound bodyguard, showing off his massive arms and handsome face…  Man, I am in love.

Banny A, you little devil you.
Using a music video to cop a feel on a beefy bear’s bicep…
On second thought.  Shit.  What a great idea!

This woofy look can cause any bear admirer from getting into a serious accident.

Alrighty then…  Back to your regularly-scheduled program…  Here’s the massively beefy and unfreakingbelievably handsome Manga Mithapuriya…

I rarely blaspheme, but GOD DAMN!