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Shane & Clayton Jacobson: “Kenny”

A fellow bear connoisseur, Yan, had directed me to a bearish Australian actor who I had not heard of before: Shane Jacobson.  And as I checked on his filmography, I stumbled upon a woofy bonus: his brother, Clayton Jacobson.

A super dark, silhouetted shirtless back side?  I’m so there.

I am really so there…

Mr. Jacobson and his brother, Clayton, were the writers for the film Kenny, while Clayton directed it.  Apparently it’s been out since 2006 and is slowly being shown in select cities in the U.S.  Either way, I’ll be patiently waiting for it either in the cinemas or on DVD (or, heck, Blu-Ray, so that I could check out those money shots above in their money-er resolution).  That’s right.  I need to get laid.  -_^