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Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Who’s Your Caddy?”)

In this fourth Faizon Love shirtless scene, we finally get to see a full-backtal (is that even a word?) of a fully-naked Faizon Love.  Unfortunately, it is pretty gross as he cleverly made music with his farts.  What a mood-killer, for sure!

(higher quality version)

Well, beggars can’t be choosers.  This what-would-have-been-a-contender for the best Faizon Love shirtless scene is titled…

Who’s Your Caddy?

Damn.  Seriously.  This is one seriously horrible movie.  It’s so horrible that it managed to kill that Holy Grail naked scene of Faizon Love: the filmmakers made a “big, naked fat guy farting” scene unfunny.  That takes skill.  Oh well.  Fortunately, the “Behind The Scenes” from the Who’s Your Caddy? DVD has more of a shirtless Faizon Love.  Thankfully, other than his shaving scene in the film, he did not fart.

A big thank you for D.T. for uploading this video!

(higher quality version)

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