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Kenny Rogers And The Kid With The Potty Mouth

Another 80’s favorite of mine was the film, Six Pack, which starred THE bear god, Kenny Rogers.  It was also my source of “porn” as I witnessed Kenny Rogers doing sit ups while shirtless.  (At the time, I had no idea that I was actually attracted to Mr. Kenny Rogers’ armpits, as all I was thinking about was how sexy his furry body was.  Little did I know that I will one day evolve into an armpit fetishist.)  Anyway, I pretty much “damaged” that scene in the Betamax tape as I’d replay it numerous times.

Another reason why I loved the film was that I loved the foul-mouthed kid, Swifty.  I had no idea what he was saying, but as an impressionable kid at the age of 10, I was imitating everything he was saying.  He had classic great lines, such as,”It’s Swifty! SWIFTY, you toad sucker!”

Love that kid.  And, what do you know.  Someone from YouTube had recently uploaded Swifty’s greatest shits, er, I mean, hits.  Awesome!

And since I love the movie’s theme song, “Love Will Turn You Around,” I just have to post that here.  Someone did a pretty good job using that song with montages from “Pirates of the Caribbean”: