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Primož Petkovšek: “Porno Film” (Slovenian Film)

Primoz Petkovsek is an incredibly cute chubby actor who I first saw in a film titled, No Man’s Land.

From a short film titled The Heart Is A Piece Of Meat

Here’s a short bio I got from the Porno Film Official Site:

Born 1963. An adventurer, gourmet and ex-owner of one of the best restaurant in Crete. Casted for a number of minor roles in Slovene films: CARMEN, STEREO-TYPE, OUTSIDER, POKER, ODE TO THE POET. He also appeared in theatre performances and several commercial spots.

If there’s anybody out there who knows how to speak Slovene,
could you please interpret the blurb I got this photo from?

Here’s a short clip from Porno Film.  It’s kinda “erotic” seeing the guy on the right fondle our big man, Mr. Petkovsek, with a gun (of course, if it was a “real” gun, then it’s not sexy at all).  Now I understand the appeal/fetish of seeing hot chicks and guns at the same time for our heterosexual men brethren.

I apologize for the lack of subtitles, as I don’t know how to add it in; also,
not only will it just block the view, it will spoil an already spoiler-filled scene

And here are some screenshots that I got from the Official Site.

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