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Kalabhavan Mani: or How Do You Say ‘Woofy’ in Malayalam?


Kalabhavan Mani is a South Indian musician/comedian/actor.  When he started off, he wasn’t quite bearish, but lately, he’s gained some heft and has gotten handsomer because of it.  I haven’t seen him in a lot of films, as for one, I don’t speak Malayalam.  Lol.  Anyway, his recent films tend to be action-packed where he mostly plays a villain,  Here’s a promo still from “Evadaithe Nakenti”:


I was also able to watch a film where he played a Supercop of Matrix-like proportions in “Ravanan”:



As I’m unable to find some good video clips of Kalabhavan’s action movies, I did find this music video on YouTube.  I have no idea what this song is about, but it seems to be about a husband who’s being controlled by his wife.  Well, despite the unmanly synopsis, we do see Mr. Mani in a wifebeater, so it’s all good.  😛