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Shirtless Saturday: Leon Allen White As Bull Power


Leon Allen White (popularly-known as the massive and acrobatic pro-wrestler, Big Van Vader) once appeared as “Bull Power” in a television commercial for a waterbed company.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find this blurry commercial somewhere in my aging VHS archives.  In the meantime, here are some collages from that pretty funny ad.






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Leon White: aka Big Van Vader

I still can’t believe that I missed out in the mid-80’s pre-Vader action of Leon White, aka Bull Power.  The very first time I stumbled upon him was when he was wrestling in Japan and he was mostly wearing a mask.  I still remember watching this Japanese channel in Hawaii and I barely understood what was being said.  But all I cared about was seeing this massive behemoth wrestle in all his beefy glory.  [Just for the Hawaiians out there: “Oceanic Cable, we are, Oceanic Cable…”]  ^_^

Here’s a two-parter of Leon White against the equally woofy daddy cowboy bear, Stan Hansen (check out SDW Media’s Stan Hansen’s DVD, which is part of the awesome “Southern Legends” Collection)…

And I just discovered that I forgot about the scan I did of Vader from the back cover of my WCW magazine.  Thank goodness for my slow-@$$ and oftentimes inaccurate Windows Vista search bar…

And keeping with the theme of our big man Vader flexing his bulky guns, here’s an old collage I made of this beefy monster…

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