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Shirtless Saturday: Larry The Cable Guy

I’m not going to mention that these screenshots are from a Blue Collar TV DVD.  I’m also not even going to mention that I own said DVD.  All that matters is that Larry The Cable Guy is shirtless in this here screenshots…  Git-R-Done!  Um, yeah…

Good ‘ol Larry is not shirtless in the following video and screenshots, but the above jacuzzi scene (specifically, the “armpit” shot) reminded me of this sketch: “Hick Eye For The Queer Guy.”

(higher quality version, I guess)

I’m pretty sure that some might get offended by the above video.  I mean, if you really analyzed it, it’s utterly homophobic.  However, our three comedians tend to celebrate their stereotypical blue-collar/redneck lifestyle (specifically the negative aspects of it, such as uneducated and classless), so I guess it all balances out.

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