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Grant Pitts: A Bulky Musclebear Of Pure Beefy Goodness

I first discovered Grant Pitts about a decade ago when I stumbled upon postage-sized photos of him being shirtless while on a motorcycle and holding a shotgun from my blazingly fast AOL web browser powered by dial-up.  I did not even know who he was; I just knew that even with such puny photographs, I could see that he was a tremendously beautiful musclebear.

A few months after that, I stumbled upon one of the earliest websites that would inadvertently cater to gay people such as yours truly: Superheavy’s Gallery of Olympic Weightlifters.  If you go directly to that site’s link of The Gallery of Powerlifters and Other Strength Athletes, you’ll find such classic photos of the bulky and beefy Grant Pitts.

As a special treat, bomberbpilot500 from YouTube, has recently uploaded a classic Grant Pitts video that many of us have only seen in a very short clip (in some form or other).  In this one, we see Grant Pitts and Gary Heisey working out in Grimwood’s Power Plant.

(higher quality version)

Remember the small, postage-sized photos I was talking about?  Well, here are the far superior versions.  Believe me, I fainted when I finally got to see them.  That’s right.  Fainted.