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Dan Lauria: Shirtless Daddy Bear In A Pool

Dan Lauria has always been that archetypal daddy bear figure that I tend to love.  He is stocky and beefy and possesses a look that tells you that he’s a mean sonuvabitch, yet at the same time, he’s also a gentle teddy bear of a man.  I’ve had so many fantasies of being his son every time I watched The Wonder Years (man, if I were Kevin, the voiceover and series itself would have strayed off to the worst, lol).  Bob Hoskins is another prime example of one daddy who owns such a “look.”  And just like Bob, I am completely enamored by Mr. Lauria’s sexy furry body. Those arms just drive me crazy.

The following are screenshots from an episode of Burke’s Law, titled “Who Killed Cock-a-Doodle Dooley?”*

* ANSWER: Dan Lauria’s amazingly hot bearish body.  My Cock-a-Doodle Dooley can’t handle such hotness.