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Shirtless Saturday: Lester Speight in “Norbit”

I remember rushing to see Norbit in theaters (my apologies to the elderly lady walking down Tropicana St. — someone should show her the proper way to handle a cane) just so I could see a shirtless Lester Speight (aka Reebok’s Terry Tate) as promised by the trailer.  Unfortunately, his 10-seconds shirtless scene in the trailer was the exact 10-seconds shirtless scene I saw in the movie.  And being a glutton for punishment, I then bought the DVD so I could own that 10-seconds shirtless scene.

Lo and behold, I found more clips of a shirtless Lester Speight in the DVD’s “Deleted Scenes”!  Huzzah!  Here are some screenshots of this massive musclebear who is undoubtedly bulging with primo muscles…

(Unfortunately, his Official Site appears to be down.  Hopefully, it is just temporary.)

Here’s a classic viral video of Lester Speight’s alter-ego, Terrible Terry Tate, on vacation.  The money shots are at 0:40 and 1:46; and if you have amazing vision, a quickie fourth of a second right at 0:50.  Lol.

(higher quality version)

[FUN FACT: Wade Williams as Officer-turned-prisoner Bellick beat the living daylights out of Lester Speight’s character in Season 1 of Prison Break.  Thank you to The Origami Crane for the stills.]

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