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Albert Fields: Bear-In-Training Of “The Party”

I’m gay.  No surprises there.  🙂  Sometimes, I actually love “gay” stuff, like “gay music,” for example.  I’m talking about really gay music.  Lol.  The following videos are from the Disney-manufactured multi-racial teen pop music group called The Party.  When I was a teenager, I had a big crush on the group’s sole black singer, Albert Fields.  He was not beefy nor bearish, but he was husky enough to get my adolescent beardar a-woofin’.  Regardless, he had a great and powerful voice and it’s a shame that once The Party split up, he disappeared from the music scene.  Anyway, here’s a few of my favorite songs from them:

“That’s Why”
I love this gay song unabashedly. I can still do all the gay dance moves in this gay video.

“All About Love”
This was the gay song that boasted Albert’s amazing vocals.

“In My Dreams”
They actually pulled off remaking Dokken’s gay song from
“Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” into a gay dance song.

And, apparently, Mr. Albert Fields musical interests have evolved into a new type of “libidinous” fusion of hip-hop/rock/funk: NDecent Proposal.  Interesting bit is one of his colleague from “The Party” has joined him in this completely un-Disney like artistic venture.  Still, Albert has grown into a husky bear just as I had always known… Lol.