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Timur Bekmambetov: Huggable Teddy Bear Director Of “Wanted”

Man, I can just listen to Timur Bekmambetov speak with that hypnotically sexy Russian accent.  Right at the 2:05 mark, he discusses the “Assassin Mode” in the film, Wanted, and he kept placing his hand on his chest.  I’m just a very simple man, but that was just freaking sexy.

As I don’t speak Italian, the Italian translation overwhelms our woofy Russian Bear’s speech.  Luckily, he’s wearing a t-shirt and, as a consolation, we get to see his beefy and furry arms.

I am also intrigued by what he said about “mythology”: “…because as a state cannot protect us anymore …[???]… People think… understood… that they needed a myth.  People need a new mythology …[???]… how to protect themselves… [???}.”

Anyway, if I think he’s saying what I think he’s saying, then I completely agree.  The concept of this blog, “BearMythology,” is about how we interpret people/places/things/events with our own unique and personal “mythological” insights — and in this case, “bearish men.”  This is why Mr. Bekmambetov mentioned that filmmakers “don’t think, they feel.”  Films as a visual medium have to create realism from their artificiality to achieve a relationship with their audience.  It’s a basic explanation of filmmaking and not a general rule.  I’m just mentioning that because I love the fact that Timur practically sticks by this filmmaker’s creed to the tee.  Just check out his famous myth-bending films: Night Watch and Day Watch.