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Mike Paterson: The Unknown Supersexybeautiful Bear Chub

First of all, thank you for all the emails about the name of the cute chubby bear of “The Morning After” (thank you again, Chubarama, for that wonderful discovery): Mike Paterson.  Bravo on such amazing investigative work.


I can now sleep soundly at night and the payment’s in the mail…    ^_^

I’ve already gone googoo gaga over this hot chub, but what even sealed the deal was the fact that he’s involved with a comedy group/lip-synching band that specializes in 1980’s rock music called Never Surrender.  Nice Corey Hart tribute there…  Unless it was a reference to Van Damme’s earliest flick, No Retreat, No Surrender.

The ’80s was such a wickedly gay decade which was probably why it’s my favorite.

Ah, yes, another child of the ’80s!  I’m like so in love for sure…

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