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Uncle Eddie Of Ham Radio

I haven’t heard of HAM Radio, but I was just surfing the web when I noticed this following photo on someone’s MySpace Page Friends’ List:

My brain short-circuited then went, “Wow.  He’s pretty cute.”  I immediately then went straight to his photos (from his MySpace Page).  There were only 3 photos and that headshot was a repeat.  I cried.  However, the last photo in particular truly “stood” out…

Yeah, that’s right.  JACKPOT!

So, the rest is history.  I quickly entered “online-stalker-mode” and researched as much as I could on this very cute chubby bear who’s called “Uncle Eddie” from HAM Radio (WNJC 1360 AM)…

HAM Radio (WNJC 1360 AM)
HAM Radio on MySpace

Anyway, these are some Grade A+ photos from those links (I’ve edited some of them so that I can only focus on the extremely woofy Uncle Eddie).