Another Unknown Woofy Wrestler (Andrew Anderson)

[EDIT: Unknown no longer.  His name is Andrew Anderson.]


Greg from BofB has posted another week’s worth of bearish goodness that I’m pretty exhausted. ^_^

Anyway, this is one of those “you briefly see it once and you know that it is, without a doubt, a damn fine specimen of massive bear meat.”

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7 thoughts on “Another Unknown Woofy Wrestler (Andrew Anderson)”

  1. موجب 26 الرياااض الي يحب يتعرف و بفلوووس لا يتردد بس اهم شي يعجبني و له عيوووني انا جاااد يضيفني على الايميل ;

  2. The real name of this wrestler is Andrew Koloszuk. I grew up with him. He was one of my best friends throughout my early years of HS.
    I lost touch with him since HS. That was 25 years ago.

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