Ssirum Wrestler: Oh, Ssi-ssi-rium!

“Now he don’t even know my name…”

I think that I might have amassed every photo of this stunningly handsome Ssirum Wrestler from this site:  Unfortunately, I have no idea who he is.  Hopefully, someone’s out there who knows who he is so that we could properly name him in our fantasies.  Lol.

(Anyway, as an added educational note, this sport is also sometimes spelled as “Ssireum” or “Ssirium.”)

“We want to make sure that these knots are not squeezing your puppies.
Hmm.  Let me make sure again.  Hmm.  Let’s try that again.  Hmm…”

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7 thoughts on “Ssirum Wrestler: Oh, Ssi-ssi-rium!”

  1. such a gorgeous body–a luxury sedan made in Korea haha hot pix.. i’m sure he is a fantasy guy for a lot of (maybe closeted) Korean bear chasers..

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