Brian Schoonveld: Schoonie Or Later, He Will Be Shirtless

Erl from Brotherhood of Bears had airbrushed this photo to glossy perfection

D.T. had sent me a wonderful link of a photographer and his “beefy” portfolio of athletes: George Kline Photography.  I haven’t browsed through all of them yet, but the portfolio you need to check first and is related to this post is this: 2005 Fit Expo & MetRx Strongman Pro.  Why?  The woofy and beefy strongman Brian Schoonveld is shirtless, that’s why!

insert obligatory [ this kid should have been me ] comment

The following photos are not on that site.  They’re just some shirtless Brian Schoonveld that I have from my bearsonal collection.

And, of course, save the best for last, as they say…

3 thoughts on “Brian Schoonveld: Schoonie Or Later, He Will Be Shirtless”

  1. omg
    I just thought that his back (whit this line…)seems like a big meaty ass

    And i would also save the same as “last” because full goatee and black hair are very hot!

  2. oh lord, the imprint of the cock on his sport trunks! a lovely view of the bulky chunky back. perfect hairy chest and just right amount of the girth underneath.. yum yum

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