Shirtless Saturday: Pantera’s Bodyguard Big Val & Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein

Not only was I heavily into hip-hop and really gay pop music back in the day, I was also into heavy rock and especially heavy metal (which explains my devout love for Fishbone, and my propensity to listen to other bands who creatively blend various forms of musical genres).  Posting about Drowning Pool RE-MIN-DED! me of all the heavy metal bands I used to obsess over.  As the late Dimebag was eerily in my previous post, it then RE-MIN-DED! me of my Pantera VHS videos which were then re-released in one DVD (Pantera: 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell).  There are four main reasons why I own this: (1) Pantera freaking rocks; (2) Handful of scenes of a shirtless Big Val (Head of Security, C.J. Bichekas); (3) Kirk Windstein from Crowbar (at the time) shows up as the Hulk!; and finally but not least (4) Drummer Vinnie Paul (who I’m saving for another day)…


Here is a video of all of the video clips of Big Val.  I am so grateful for this YouTuber for compiling them in one convenient package…

(higher quality version)














And now we have Mr. Kirk Windstein as the Incredible Hulk…

crowbar-groupTodd Strange (left), Kirk Windstein (right)
(Yeah, yeah, I know.  Most of you guys are probably drooling over
Todd Strange — and I don’t blame you.  He is definitely hotter than Kirk…)





Here’s one of my favorite cover songs from Crowbar: Gary Wright’s Dreamweaver.  Their type of music is sludge metal, and here’s a good taste of what it is about…  Believe it or not, this song puts me to sleep.  Hells, yeah.

8 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Pantera’s Bodyguard Big Val & Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein”

  1. Dear GOD! You know, rock guys are generally not at all attractive: skinny, pale, unwashed and malnourished but this body guard man is HOT and he’s a beefy Texan to boot. I just want him to “rock” all over me – all over my face – he brings new meaning to the word “headbanger”. When I say that I mean that I want to bang my head on his belly while I suck his dick.

  2. just for the record,im 28 years old and live in tucson arizona where val is a native like myself. i dont know exactly what it is about val and his bearish ways but he’s got me hooked. i wont admit it to him though,at least until he gets rid of his two lame roommates,”carl and barbie.”that is his only flaw,id have to say.hopefully he’ll get rid of the adults that leach off him and irritate the hell out of me.that way i will feel like going back to let him continue to show me all his big,bad bear ways.Pretty dam cool actually.i miss him on a serious note

  3. nice post man. never heard/seen Big Val before. I always wanted to look more into NYC Hardcore bands too cus Ill see some big Brutes in some bands in compilation videos.

  4. Oh Man … Big Val!!! I had totally forgotten about this guy… I too spent many a times pausing the Pantera video where he’s putting his underwear on… …
    Btw, R.I.P. Dime!

  5. Oh my god! Here I am Googling images of James Gandolfini and not only do I find your cool ‘bear’ blog but you’ve got a post about Big Val!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a teenager, I spent A LOT of time pausing on those scenes of him in the shower and putting his undies on. The second time Pantera came to Melbourne Australia, I went to an instore signing and stood right next to him!

    And I thought I was the only one who lusted after him! 🙂

    Nice to find someone else who’s non-bearish with the same taste in bears!

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