Daniel Gagnon: “Top Chef New York” (Episode 03)


Two of our bearish chefs, Daniel Gagnon and Richard Sweeney, were on the chopping board last night with Jeff.  As much as I was hoping for Jeff to get the boot (solely for selfish bear candy reasons), I felt that Danny should have been the one they let go instead of Richard.  Nevertheless, I ain’t complaining as it means that Danny will still be around (at least by next week’s episode).


Anyway, things appear to be heating up between the last remaining Team Rainbow member, Jamie, and Danny.  As the show is heavily edited, they did show Danny being a major prick towards Melissa by giving her the middle finger when she thanked Danny for cleaning up after the challenge.


I think because of that, feisty Jamie started to vocalize her discontent with Danny.  Either way, Danny was insensitive and Jamie was the same as well for criticizing a team member who was on the chopping block.  Just bad timing for both…








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6 thoughts on “Daniel Gagnon: “Top Chef New York” (Episode 03)”

  1. WOOF!! He is cute! Does anyone know much about Chris Santos…I love to watch him on Chopped…he is so adorable and mean at the same time,,,grrr ruff ruff…lol.. I would lick his face like a puppy..hehehe

  2. a) Danny is straight.

    b) He is the funniest guy ever met.

    c) Yes danny gave her the finger on tv but she deserved it for the sarcastic comment she gave him about cleaning up. She obviously meant it the way she said it by being an ass about it. Pretty much saying haha you had to clean up the place…some people need to grow up.

  3. I think Daniel is HOT. I am so sorry he was voted off the show. I’m sure he is straight but he was very nice eye candy.

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