Two Woofy Tuesday: Mark Addy Vs. Nick Frost


After posting some Sean photos from Britain’s Next Bear Model, I’ve decided to create me own (note me change in accent) Next Britain’s Bear Model of sorts.  So, in today’s Two Woofy Tuesday, you guys have the non-enviable task of selecting the woofiest English actor: Mark Addy or Nick Frost.

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20 thoughts on “Two Woofy Tuesday: Mark Addy Vs. Nick Frost”

  1. Nick Frost 100% woofy bear meat plus he has no problem stripping to his skivies for a laugh, pushing his co-stars face into his belly. darn I wish that was me

  2. Mark Addy for me is more hot I like his beautiful smile and his cutie eyes. Currently he is more fat just look at him in new movie Nineteen Eighty-Three.
    After Bob Hoskins and John Rhys Davies it is Mark Addy my prefered then most talented than Nick Frost.
    Check out youtube website about Mark Addy channel

  3. Jesus…
    These 2 pieces of meat could be brothers!

    “My heart belongs to daddy”… oops i mean Addy!

    I could definately eat his long fries and drink his juicy beer…

  4. OMG! This one is a really good poll. These two big woofs could take out a handful of other choices. Two bad you put them head to head. THE BEST OF THE BEST! I chose Nick Frost because he is the new kid on the block. But Mark Addy would definitely give you a better ride.

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