Shirtless Saturday: Eric Allan Kramer

Eric Allan Kramer in The Colony

Eric Allan Kramer is this amazingly beefy and husky actor who appeared shirtless from a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie titled The Colony (also called The Advanced Guard).  I don’t remember the movie being good, but the bear eye candy certainly helped things more tolerable.








Speaking of bad movies, check out a scene from one of the absolutely worst (it’s even scientifically-proven) movies ever: Quest For The Mighty Sword.  It’s just so bad that I love it!  Pay special note at Eric Allan Kramer’s priceless reaction upon seeing his second opponent…

5 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Eric Allan Kramer”

  1. I have had a huge crush on Eric since I saw him as Thor. I have a copy of the movie Quest and just adore it. It is awful. LOL It was made in Italy and Turkey and my husband calls is my Itialian Turkey. Love you Eric. P.S. I’m a 67 year young grandmother, but love those legs!!!!!

  2. Is really Eric a Bear? i’m looking info since I’ve seen American Wedding but I dont found an speciffic respost (sorry for my english 😉 )

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