Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up

Every Friday, I will provide a weekly wrap-up then post a screenshot from a movie and I would like for you guys and gals to guess who the actor is and what movie it is from…  Just post your answers in the comments section.  The answers will be posted the following Friday.


An unknown woofy wrestler’s name has finally been unveiled: Andrew Anderson.

Goonday Moonday was borne and christened by the massive bullgoon, Gerard Benderoth.

In Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), Manuel Martinez proved that he’s not second in the beefy looks department.

Kyle Gass was your winner in Woofy Winner Wednesday and for some reason I decided to post screenshots of his Walrus Boy character.  I mean, srsly, wtf?

Kenan Thompson appeared shirtless in Wieners.

An unknown chubby bear tried to steal Kenan Thompson’s shirtless thunder in Wieners.

Find the specific Halls Candy commercial and the big musclebear bartender will reward you with “those things” in his hand in the video.

* * * * * * * * * *

As for the answers from last week’s TGIF:WWU…

Craig (via email) and Brett (via the comments) were the first to get the answers correctly: Leo Burmester from The Abyss.  Also, great job to everyone else who had guessed it correctly as well.

The Abyss is definitely one of my favorite sci-fi films and something I would recommend to watch back-to-back with the original The Day The Earth Stood Still.  Both have a great humanistic message that appeals to my somewhat hippie heart.  And if you get a chance, watch the even longer “Special Edition” as it explores more of the characters in the film and reveals a better ending.

Anyway, here is the late Mr. Leo Burmester as Catfish De Vries…




Finally, try to guess why I posted these very specific screenshots…  Dear Lord, my fetish p0wns me…







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6 thoughts on “Thank Grizzly It’s Friday Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Dear Lord – I had no idea Leo had passed away! He grew up not too far from my neighborhood & was one of my favorites! Rest in peace, big guy.

  2. ‘The Abyss’ is a great film – have you seen ‘Silent Running’? There’s no decent bear content, but it’s one of the great hippie sci-fi films.

  3. Yup it sure is Keith…man hard to believe that was 11 years ago. Looks about the same. He was also in “Superbad” and “Leathernecks”. Keith was also in that creepy Samuel L. Jackson thriller “Lakeview Terrace” from last year.

  4. I am quite sure it’s Keith Loneker as White Boy Bob in Steven Soderbergh’s “Out of Sight”

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