Shirtless Saturday: Alex Karras & Other Football Bears From “Paper Lion”


SuperBowl frenzy is about one week away (go Cardinals!*) and I’ve been watching some classic American Football films recently.  One of my favorites is Paper Lion.  It’s probably one of the earliest “reality movie” I’ve seen as most of the athletes were not actors.  It also gave a fascinating look at how football used to be like 40 years ago.

* Yes, I’m a bandwagoneer.  I’m torn because Steelers’ Big Ben is pretty woofy.  He just needs to bulk up a bit in my very shallow opinion.


And for this Shirtless Saturday, here are four of the beefy football bears from Paper Lion.  Of course, my favorite in the bunch is definitely the sexy daddy bear, Alex Karras.











The next set are screenshots of Roger Shoals (who I thought was a younger Brian Dennehy at the time), Alex Karras, and John Gordy…









Well, I will have to abruptly stop here.  I will post more screenshots of Roger Shoals, John Gordy, Roger Brown, and more of Alex Karras tomorrow.

I just want to sit back away from my monitor for a minute to realize that I have finally done my part on the internet and uploaded such screenshots of the wonderfully handsome Alex Karras being shirtless.  You guys can pretty much imagine how I would keep searching high and low for such images…  As far as video clips are concerned, I will eventually upload them to YouTube and update you guys here.

13 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Alex Karras & Other Football Bears From “Paper Lion””

  1. @ BigNHusky:
    You ain’t nuthin’ but a horndog! 🙂 Don’t be ashamed of being one. I’m one of the biggest horndogs there is!

    @ jsphil:
    I was about 10 when I saw it on Betamax. I too almost had a heart attack.

    @ Chubarama & DG:
    I’ll be posting more screenshots of Karras sporting those sexy glasses.

    @ brett:
    That sounds fantastic. I haven’t seen that film so I’ll make sure to check it out.

    Bearotic has awesome screenshots of Alex Karras, especially that bed scene with Robert Preston:

    And to answer your question: “Yes, I wanted to be Robert Preston in that scene!”

  2. Oh Yeah, he is shirtless in a suana scene in ‘Victor/Victoria as well. I’ve always thought that Alex Karras and Dan Lauria coud be brothers.

  3. Also who can never forget him in ‘Blazzing Saddles ‘ as Mongo!!! and what about ‘Victor/Victoria’ , did everyone want to be Robert Preston , when they were in bed together in the final scene?

  4. I always had a thing for Alex Karras. I remember him in the Irwin Allen film ‘When Time Ran out’. He is wearing a tight red shirt and tight grey pants. It wasn’t just the volcano was that was hot, it was him.

  5. Hard to find someone who’s both cute and hot at the same time.

    I’m very sure it’s those Buddy Holly-esque glasses. I love geeks.

  6. I’m so glad you put this on here. When I saw this on TV these locker room scenes about near gave me a heart attack.

  7. I like these Alex Karras caps! Its sorta wtf cos I usually like em more bulky, just something bout him, maybe its the shoulders or the big chubby face. Or maybe its cuz Im a horndog 🙂

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