Keith Michael Gregory: The Mysteries Of A Handsome Bear

Keith Gregory MOP 06

Keith Michael Gregory has a face that definitely attracts attention and a body that is beyond belief.  He’s spectacularly stunning and handsome with both a childish and daddy-like aura about him.  He’s easy on the eyes and there’s just something pleasant about his very demeanor.  I pretty much made those educated assumptions by watching his personal videos on YouTube.  It literally tore my heart watching him and his fellow friends/actors drive miles away for an audition for Vitamin Water (watch the 4-part series here) — especially when I watched his buddy Justin cry while Keith continued on like everything’s cool.  (And if I could make a suggestion, this type of road trip would make a fantastic reality series or even a film.)  Here’s wishing Mr. Gregory and his friends the best of luck with their acting career…

Here are some screenshots from a film that’s currently in limited release, The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh.

Keith Gregory MOP 01

Keith Gregory MOP 02

Keith Gregory MOP 03

Keith Gregory MOP 04

Keith Gregory MOP 05

The following photos are from Mr. Gregory’s Flickr Page.

Keith Michael Gregory tmop 03

Keith Michael Gregory tmop 05

Here is Keith playing a “Big Bad Goon In Prison” in an episode of One Tree Hill.

Keith Michael Gregory one tree hill 01

Keith Michael Gregory one tree hill 02

Here’s a video where Keith plays serial killer John Wayne Gacy in a TV show called *tries not to giggle* Psychic Witness.  For the love of God, why are big, furry men always depicted as criminals?????!!!!!

And to end this post, here’s Mr. Gregory with a much better role as an Associate Minister.  Unfortunately, he’s faced with a loaded question…

That scene is undoubtedly powerful, but a Minister is probably someone who could not provide an unbiased answer to such a question.  How about this: Do not blame God or the Devil.  Just accept life and death for what they truly are.

7 thoughts on “Keith Michael Gregory: The Mysteries Of A Handsome Bear”

  1. to answer the minister comment. the scene was commissioned by a universtiy for use in a class room. When the professer is teaching the future pastors about how to handle tuff questions he plays that scene.

  2. Awesomely beautiful dude, but not clear what the minister thing is, a snippet of a show or just a vignette made to show their acting? And why would the minister be tongue-tied over the most basic question asked by anyone who’s ever suffered? That’s what you go to minister school for. (Obvious answers: God needed him and called him home, He works in mysterious ways, He’s testing our faith, He doesn’t micromanage. Only convincing answer, though, can be found in a song: “Messed up things happen all the time, don’t seem to be a reason or rhyme, and if there’s a plan it don’t seem a good one to me.”)

  3. Dudes back with a vengeance, happy to see you posting again. Mr Gregory is very handsome and a definite keeper. I can just imagine how burly and hairy he is under all those clothes, talented actor as well. A quintessential grizzly/walrus.

  4. Wow, he’s one good looking man! I love that picture of him with the bearded fella… they’d make a good couple 😉

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