Goonday Moonday: Lou Klein And The Chubby Spartans

Lou Klein 001

I’m a movie trailer fan.  Ever since I was a kid, I tend to love trailers more than the actual films themselves.  I love the drama and excitement that would ooze out from them.  It’s the thrill of the anticipation, I guess.  I just love to be teased…  Speaking of which, I’ve watched the Star Trek reboot a couple of times now and I still watch its trailers.  The movie itself has plot holes/contrivances galore, but one thing is for sure, it’s one damn exciting film that made me shed a tear or two…  Oh heck, I literally cried in a couple of scenes.  *_*  And being a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, I just realized that I tend to love the supporting crew of the Enterprise versus the dysfunctional Skywalker family.  Yeah, I know, I said it…  -_^

Lou Klein 300 Pounds 02What did you say about STAR WARS?????!!!!!

Well, about a year ago, I’ve posted some blurry promo shots from a film called 300 Pounds by Jeff Centauri of Hollywood Ninja Pictures.  Anyway, it appears that this film will soon be released on July 27, 2009.  I don’t even care whether the film is going to be entertaining or not.  The fact of the matter is, the lead is played by the fantastically gorgeous Lou Klein (he reminds me of a huscular version of Sebastian Cabot) who is joined by other equally handsome chubby actors.  Speaking of trailers, Jeff Centauri’s YouTube page has a couple of trailers/bloopers/behind-the-scenes look of 300 Pounds.  Make sure to watch some of them in High Def.

Lou Klein 002Just look at those bear pecs…

Lou Klein chest 01

Lou Klein Spartan Chest Massage

Lou Klein 07

Lou Klein 09

Lou Klein 13

Lou Klein 17

Lou Klein 18

Lou Klein 22

Lou Klein 24

Lou Klein 26

Lou Klein 02

Lou Klein 04

Lou Klein 003

Lou Klein 005

Lou Klein 007

Alright, if you are remotely like me, you probably have already exploded by the time you have reached this far — if you know what I mean.  Anyway, wouldn’t it be great if our police officers and soldiers would wear such uniforms.  I know I’d approve.

Here are more photos of the other chubby Spartans from the film…  Thank you, Jeff Centauri.  Thank you very much…

300 Pounds Spartans 04He somewhat resembles Mark Addy…

300 Pounds Spartans 06…and he appears to be playing the role of the blind Spartan,
which was also spoofed by Jareb Dauplaise

300 Pounds Spartans 04a

300 Pounds Spartans 03

Blinded Spartan 04

300 Pounds Spartans 01

300 Pounds Spartans 02

300 Pounds Spartans 07

300 Pounds Spartans 09

300 Pounds Spartans 12

7 thoughts on “Goonday Moonday: Lou Klein And The Chubby Spartans”

  1. who is the guy playing the blind spartan? wyh can i not get to him-i mean, he is blind, for godsakes!-and really teach him some night moves? yum for all of them!

  2. though no one could ever replace the GRRRR Mr Cabot,I have to agree that Lou reminds me of him.However,Its that 2nd little Spartan I’d like to take to the Roman Baths and watch him do battle with a Trojan.

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